The Other Sound Festival, October 2, 2010, Little 5 Points, Atlanta, GA

Abby GoGo A Fight to the Death Back Pockets Tornado Town Weapons of Audio What fappened to your fire tiger Book of Colors Mermaids Buffalo Bnagers Little Tybee Oryx and Crake The Wild Grand Prize Winners from Last Year Authors Apology Omelet King Congregation The Gonzo Orchestra The Charges West End Motel Odist Starfighter Platonic Sex Skin Jobs Walk from the Gallows Wes Ables The Falcon Lords Hawkeye Pierce

Other Sound compilation

We are excited to bring you our 6th annual compilation. We’ve got a sneak preview of it that you can stream from your computer. This is a showcase of some of the fresh talent coming out of our fair city.
You can listen to it right here!

For the CD track listing, click here.

Other Sound Summary

We have a diverse and exciting lineup this year. Music starts at Java Lords at 2pm and Criminal Records at 2:30. Both shows are all ages and free. This is a great chance to see some music in Little Five Points in the afternoon. Star Bar will open its doors at 5pm and bands will be playing upstairs and downstairs all afternoon and night. The Five Spot will have the first band come on at 7pm and keep the party going till the place shuts down. For $10 you can go to Star Bar and Five Spot. Read the full schedule here

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